domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2010

O retrato da Geja por Eduarda Lapa. Estes videos e esta página teem interesse até ao fim,sobretudo o conteúdo sonoro das fotos do quadro,and you can guess who stars on them,this is where and how, I was SPINTO to live,algumas porcarias e algumas "desaparições"


Today as the United States climbed [ and when I wrote climbed it came to my mind the song "Climb Every Mountain"sang by Peggy Lee in "The Sound of Music" by Robert Wise,that I saw with aunt Geja more than 16 times.That song begins with the words:"climb every mountain,search high and low"what I never forgot,but it seems that the High Search has been very inadequate and forgotten for these Families,(I mean the descendants of my great-grand fathers) of mine ] an enormous step against RACISM,by whatever form it  may consist,by admitting Homosexuals in its Army
But going deeper about this question:

It seems that this desease has already EXOTERICALLY reached the VATICAN CITY , though for centuries it has ruled ESOTERICALLY as,AS IS,seen in the clip above(:those greedy eyes,that greedy attention,and the final STANDING OVATION ) leaves no doubt about it.
Not even Fellini in the FASHION SHOW scene in its ROMA,had reached such a cruel demonstration of the ruling  hypocrisy 

[I wrote it in ORANGE because it matches with the Portuguese STATUS QUO  ]
In a country where homosexual marriages are allowed ,I know,I am repeating myself (I really do repeat and have that conscience ),I am still controlled ,in a house where RULES a Nazi woman,and I am still not allowed to have my normal life,for the treachery of my family whose "cabeça de casal" is my cousin dr.João Pereira da Rosa:
who since a long time ago hates can be consulted if the portuguese government "allows":I was not allowed to see the complaint I made in the Polícia Judiciária of Lisbon in 1985 and 1986,about my great aunts Isaura Julieta and Maria Luísa Figueiredo Pavão with the complicity of all family,later my mother's death in 31 October 2000 would be questioned by the Public Ministry ( DIAP ) in the OD659/85 where, by intolerant reasons,whatever can be its basis,and my Homosexuality omnipresent perhaps even not being mentioned,as consistently proved in this SOS BLOG I am desperately publishing,
 I made a complaint about the murder of two great aunts by family's resolution and low power corridors,with very low levels of transparency and greedily conducted,
I am her legal heir and I presume knowing the conveniences of keeping  a "ghost power" that is continually destroying my Country.

It seems the weather is changing again,For how long and what forms it ought to contain next only God and the behaving of a certain number of "individualities" ,in Portugal,can decide,
Let's,by Heavens Sake,not make it more painful for everybody,we deeply implore!!!!!!!!!!
After September 1977,I made a lot of phone calls ,and sent telegrams to Pope Paulo VI,to the Vatican City,but due his health at that time,he let to his successor the disclosure of the real events of October 13, 1917 in Fatima,and its real proposals,
JOHN PAUL I only survived 33 days of reign,for the Vatican businesses were already directed  by the Masonry and the Mafia through the Ambrosian Bank and the increasing power given by John Paul II through the expansion of OPUS DEI powers,staring M.Marcinkus,and super staring in a kind of very expensive Vatican remake of Jesus Christ Super Star,John Paul II himself, and the Polonization of a question that only belongs to Portuguese People,and has been misconducted since then,with the aid(s) of a new kind of nazi order much more subtly and disguised but as already Francisco de Sá Carneiro,said much more dangerous
Because of Blake Edwards death,searching,and encore about Peter Sellers I found this delicious movie's_New_Pussycat%3F 
This is Tom Jones in the tittle song theme