terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2010

Guardate. Io sono ancora una piacente estate di San Martino,in "Falstaff" by Boito and Verdi http://www.ufoseek.org/fatimajv.htm Some Secrets Diversi Racontti Incredibili et Confidentiels 2

Next year during the 1975 "Hot Summer" I spent some days in Praia do Carvoeiro in Algarve.Beside Praia do Carvoeiro, separated by rocks, is Praia do Paraíso and to get to it you must climb a road to  access by steps,the Beach of  Paradise:.One night after thinking that I'd have to have to climb the steps back, already by that time I had problems,I went down to the sand.Je m'y coucha regardant immensity of this visible part of the Universe,when suddenly three guys appeared before me ,let's say not in a very friendly way,and when they were about to get closer to me,each of them was surrounded by little  moving blue lights,what made them run all way up the stairs,and I,by God's favor(?) didn't dye that hot summer night.
It has been the first attempt to kill me.,after the 25th April 1974.
Some others would follow, the main, in 75/76 but they involve so important and powerful people and was then  revealed and seen so disturbing events ,that I'll be careful not given details by now,just saying that UFOs were involved.

Travessa Miguel Lupi nº 1 parte da cave,a que não tinha acesso por nenhuma das entradas da Travessa